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As your supervisor, these will continue to be my legislative priorities:

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Milwaukee County Parks

Milwaukee County's park system is the jewel of our community, providing space for recreation, relaxation, and community gatherings. As Chair of the Committee on Parks & Culture, I work tirelessly with officials in the Parks Department to protect green spaces in the 3rd District and advocate for sustainable solutions countywide. During the 2022–2024 term, I led the charge to fully restore the historic Lake Park Ravine Road Bridge, fought to ensure that McKinley Beach will reopen safely by summer 2024, and supported $20 million in funding for Parks project updates in the county budget. By expanding recreational opportunities and fostering community engagement, we ensure that our parks remain beautiful, accessible, and beloved by all residents.

Public Safety


The safety and well-being of Milwaukee County residents are paramount. I recognize the invaluable contributions of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office in maintaining public safety across our parks and freeways, as well as within our airports and courthouse. I continue to advocate for supporting the men and women in our Sheriff's Office, while also emphasizing accountability/transparency through civilian oversight mechanisms, supporting funding for crucial public health services, and fostering community-based initiatives — particularly those addressing mental health and addiction. Together, we can ensure a safe environment for children, families, and all community members.



A robust and efficient transportation system is essential for a thriving economy and connected communities. I am deeply concerned about the decline of the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) and its impact on residents' access to employment, tourism, and activities. I am a staunch advocate for securing new forms of revenue to revitalize our transit system and ensure it meets the needs of a 21st-century economy. I proudly supported a funding increase of $16 million to protect MCTS, prevent route closures, and reconnect Downer Ave. to downtown — ensuring that our residents have reliable and accessible public transportation options. By investing in modernizing infrastructure and improving public transportation options, we can enhance mobility and opportunity for all Milwaukee County residents.

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