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As your supervisor, these will continue to be my legislative priorities:

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Milwaukee County Parks

Milwaukee County's park system is the jewel of our community, providing space for recreation, relaxation, and community gatherings. As Chair of the Committee on Parks & Culture, I am working every day with officials in the Parks Department to protect green spaces in the 3rd District and find sustainable solutions all across the broader county, including all parks. By enhancing recreational opportunities, we will ensure our parks remain beautiful, accessible, and cherished by all residents.

Public Safety


The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office provides public safety services in our courthouse, airport, on our freeways, and our parks—among various other duties. During my time on the County Board, I have continued to stress the need to support the people who work day and night for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. Ensuring the security and well-being of our residents is paramount, and that's why I support having a strong Sheriff's Office to protect children and families — especially across our bike trails, within our parks, and on our freeways. I will continue to work with our Sheriff's Office, while maintaining accountability through the civilian oversight mechanisms currently available. 



One of our major functions is the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). Over the past decade, we have seen a serious erosion of this system, which troubles me deeply. I will continue to strongly advocate for new forms of revenue to infuse our transit system with the necessary funds. If Milwaukee County wants a 21st Century economy, we need to have the ability to transport people to and from employment, tourist destinations, and other activities.

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